What is Closure?


Closure is an Education, Planning and Outreach Effort Designed to:

  • Educate people about end-of-life care and simplify the information that is currently out in the media
  • Create awareness of the end-of-life care and options that are available
  • Develop educational materials, i.e. Closure 101, that can be used to inform people across settings.
  • Give people access to the tools and resources that they need to make educated end-of-life decisions that are consistent with their values and beliefs
  • Convene thought leaders, community leaders, church leaders, healthcare professionals and policy makers to help increase public awareness about end-of-life issues
  • Champion policy and reimbursement changes that:
    • Facilitate end-of-life discussions between patients and their healthcare providers
    • Improve availability of palliative care services
    • Increase access to high-quality, end-of-life care
    • Change the default settings of the healthcare system to account for patients’ wishes and values

Closure Products and Services

  • In-person presentations and discussions
  • Online learning materials
  • Closure 101
  • Collateral materials
  • Legislative and policy initiatives
  • Demonstration projects that showcase quality end-of-life care in cooperation with our partners in the healthcare community