Helpful Tools for Advance Care Planning

From important documents like living wills to useful tools like tips sheets and questionnaires, there are several tools available to help you deal with end-of-life issues.  This section is designed to give you easy access to those tools.  

Advance Healthcare Directive

An Advance Healthcare Directive is a written set of instructions that expresses your wishes for medical treatment. It may contain a Health Care Power of Attorney, which names a “healthcare agent” to decide treatment for you. It can also contain a “living will,” which instructs your healthcare agent and healthcare providers about your choices for starting, continuing, refusing or stopping life-preserving treatment. CLICK HERE to download an Advance Healthcare Directive.

The rules for filing Advance Directives vary by state. Caring Connections provides free advance directives and instructions for each state that can be opened as a PDF file. CLICK HERE to learn more about the procedures in your state.

Consumer Tool Kit for Healthcare Advance Planning

Getting involved in the healthcare advance planning process requires you to take into consideration your values, priorities and thoughts about the meaning of life and quality of life. The American Bar Association’s Commission on Law & Aging has created an online toolkit of self-help worksheets, suggestions and resources to help you in the planning process. The kit includes 10 tools. CLICK HERE to see if any of the tools could be of help to you. 

End-of-Life Decision-Making Fact Sheet

We are confronted with serious, complex issues when we think about our death or the death of a loved one.  Family Caregiver Alliance developed a fact sheet that outlines topics you need to consider and resources that can help, whether you are caring for someone who is already incapacitated or making decisions for yourself. CLICK HERE to download a printable version of the checklist.

Advance Healthcare Directive

Five Wishes

Five Wishes is a type of living will developed by Aging with Dignity that talks about your personal, emotional and spiritual needs as well as your medical wishes. It lets you choose the person you wish to make healthcare decisions for you in the event that you cannot. It also enables you to detail exactly how you wish to be treated in the event you become seriously ill. CLICK HERE to view a copy of the document.

Hospice Care Questionnaire

Finding the right hospice service for you or a loved one can be hard. CLICK HERE to download a list of questions designed to help you in the decision-making process.

The Go Wish Game

Go Wish gives you an easy, even entertaining way to talk about what is most important to you. The cards help you find words to talk about what is important if you were to be living a life that may be shortened by serious illness. CLICK HERE to learn more.

Take Charge of your Life

Research shows that when hard decisions need to be made, patients and their loved ones have an easier time if they have discussed their wishes and values ahead of time. CLICK HERE to learn more.